We’re back! (mostly)

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It's now just shy of 8 weeks since Sam's surgery. Thankfully everything went extremely well and Sam has been recovering with no complications. Sam went into this as a preventive measure to ensure that she wouldn't have to deal with the possibility of breast cancer ever again. As it turned out, the pathology came back after surgery that she did in fact have stage 0 cancer (had not spread beyond the ducts)! We are both grateful for all the love and support we have received from everyone. We can't thank you all enough!

For now, we're starting to get our ducks back in a row to ramp up production and start getting back out to markets to really push our salsa. To that end, if you remember back on April 20th, we announced that we received test jars and lids from our wholesaler so we could send jars using our new process to get lab tested and approved by the Food Processing Authority of Texas. We dropped of the jars for testing before we left to San Antonio, and we're extremely happy to report that we received approval this past Monday! We'll be concentrating in the month of July to get jars, lids, make larger labels, start making batches with the new process to tweak out efficiencies and stock up to return to the markets. Be sure to check on our Website, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

We'd also like to announce a couple of things...
We've been hearing for a long time that some of you wanted something hotter than the Habanero Smooth. Well, a while back, I made a small special batch of our Habanero Smooth with double the habanero for a customer. We sold the leftover jars at the markets to those of you asking for more heat . There has been enough of a demand that we have added the Habanero !!Special!! to the normal lineup and will always be available! Thank you all for your feedback.

Finally, we know high inflation and high gas prices are hurting everyone right now. As a Family and a Small Business, we're experiencing it as well. That being said, we want to do what we can to help You and your Family. Since we are not dependent on this for our livelihood (yet; we hope to someday soon), we plan on keeping our price at $8 / jar for as long as we are able to do so. Together we can weather this storm.

Again, thank you for all of your support.
Mike & Sam
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