What happened to the heat?!​

water putting out fire

As always, there is a lot going on at Guajardo's Salsa; and today is no exception. We made a couple of Habanero Smooth batches today so we could start fine tuning the new canning process. and process the testing jars to send out for testing this week! We figure since testing can take 2-4 weeks, we may as well get it started while we're in San Antonio for 2 week starting May 1st.

Further great news is that Guajardo's Salsa has been accepted as a vendor for the Four Seasons Farmer's Market that happens every Saturday from 10 am - 2pm in the Richardson Dal-Rich Towne Square parking lot on the SW corner of Beltline and Coit. We will be out there this comings Saturday April 30th. The habanero jars we made today were made to bring up our stock so we'd have enough to Saturday. That being said, Saturday will be the last opportunity to get salsa for at least the next month (possibly 2) as we'll be taking a break to focus on Sam's recovery. Once we are ready to make and sell more, we'll make an announcement here, on all social media and sending out a pre-order email..

Finally, IF you've purchased a habanero jar from the 4/3 batch (lid label begins with "220403...", and it's seems not as hot as normal, please let me know! Today's batch just didn't seem as hot as normal and we think the jalapenos and habaneros don't seem to be as hot as normal this spring? While we taste tested the 4/3 batches then and felt the heat "gets to you" as normal, we've had some customers sampling saying they couldn't taste the heat, and when we opened a jar from that pot, they may have been right. If you have one of these jars AND it's not hot enough, we'll be happy to issue a refund or give you credit for replacement jars.

Oh, as an aside, we're seriously considering making the Habanero Smooth !!Special!! a normal part of our line up as many customers wanted a stronger habanero kick.

Thank you all again for helping us grow! We can't do this without you!
Mike & Sam